Conversations with an Artist : Jenny Cho

Today in the gallery’s I got to speak to Jenny Cho about her art and some meanings of it.
Her art in the gallery dealt with themes of feminism, sexual identity, and repetition which to her translates into a form of meditation. Her dome piece was interesting, it was a paper mache dome with holes poked in it which made it look crafty. It also had sparkling red heels which she referenced to the wizard of oz, also she placed a mirror on the inside which you would see yourself in when trying to gaze into the paper mache, a representation of how when men gaze at woman in inappropriate ways it becomes more a representation of the man, I thought that was awesome. She also spoke about how she thought it was funny how in media female nipples seem to get blurred out although you can still see the breast, so to play around with that topic she had a tiny book placed inside the dome, and in that book was a series of pictures of different nipples, all shapes and kinds. The piece was beautiful and fragile looking but on the back was a faint lettering that read “slut”, from what I understood this was meant to show how women are seen as fragile and beautiful creatures but can also be labeled as a slut when their behavior is not deemed appropriate by society. Jenny is an Amazing artist that produces amazing work.FullSizeRender.jpg



Week 2: Landscape with a corpse

This last year i went to Coachella music and arts festival, it was my 4th time going so i considered myself a pro cochella-goer. It was Sunday and the last day of the festival so i felt like going a bit harder than the first two days. So i packed up some party favors to sneak into the festival and got in. Odesza was going to play in about an hour and a half so  i attempted to time my peak perfectly so i took my 2 ecstasy pills so they would hit me during the performance. The time had come and Odesza was going on in 15 and the pills had not kicked in and i began getting impatient so i took 3 more pills. Odesza started and i began feeling the party favors and i felt amazing, towards the end of the performance i began feeling nauseous and left to the port-a potties. In the port-a pottie my body began stiffening up and i started throwing up profusely, i felt my self dying and the only thing i could think about was how pissed my mom was going to be to find out i died the way i did, i knew to expect an ass whooping even if i was dead. I took my last breath and died.