Week 15 conversation with classmate

This week I had the chance to meet Obed Martinez who is currently undeclared but he says he might end up doing human development, He is About to finish his 2nd year at CSULB and he is 20 years old. He has lived in LB and lake wood and his hobbies include playing sports, but more specifically basketball, and football which he plays with friends. He said he likes movies, and he loves anything with will Ferrell Jim Carey. He also spoke about his love for star wars. We also both shared a liking for the office and in the show creed is his fav character who is also one of my favorites. He is half Mexican and half Cuban. Obed is a very mellow and laid back kind of guy, it was a good time meeting him.IMG_0188.JPG


Week 14 Activity

This weeks activity in the Garden was my favorite by far, it didn’t even feel like I was in class. The Garden was a really peaceful and beautiful place and I got to hang out with some new and familiar classmates and we had a good time. For the first 10 ’30 second sketches’ i split my paper into 5 quadrants and I try’d to spend 30 seconds on each quadrant and hopefully by the end of the 5th one it would somewhat resemble the Garden. I enjoyed how I didn’t have to worry about erasing so I was going from line to line without hesitation which gave me a feeling of freedom without having to worry about preciseness or accuracy. For the 5 minutes abstract pieces I first wanted to focus in on the bridge since I thought it was one of the most visually pleasing things in the Garden. I drew the bridge but I change the background to some mountain summits si se I thought it would give it a good twist. For the second Abstract drawing I drew one of the many pretty trees in the Garden but instead of leaves I drew many little eyeballs making it an eye ball tree, I always enjoyed drawing weird stuff like my interpretation of the tree so I had fun with this. My least favorite drawing was the 5 minute contour drawing of my hand, as I was doing it I didn’t like that I couldn’t see what I was drawing, and I knew it wouldn’t come out looking good, I’m all for abstract and imperfect drawing but this one came out looking like poo. Over all it was a fun class session, the freedom, beauty, and even the weather was all great.


Week 14 classmate conversation

This week In the Japanese Gardens I had the chance to hang out with Gabby. She Is a political science major in her senior year at Long Beach, after discussing her major out she mentioned that she will probably not be getting in that field after she graduates. She’s originally from Bakersfield and she likes to hike, bake, and cook and as a job right now she sells clothes on eBay, and she mentioned she’s worked a boat load of jobs. She also has German shepherd and she wants to have 20 kids, I imagine she’s trying to build her own little army. It’s unfortunate i met her so late in the semester because we got along so well and could have been hanging out a long time ago.


WEEK 13 classmate conversation

This week for the classmate conversation I had the opportunity to hangout with Michael  who is from west minister. He is a 4th year psychology major finishing up his last semester at CSULB. His family is from Egypt and he does speak alittle Arabic. He says he’s been to Egypt twice and the  last time was 10 years ago. He mentioned it’s a little over populated from what he remembers. Michael loves sports but more specifically he loves basketball and baseball.


Week 12 Ethnography Art Activity

For this ethnography art experience I expected it to not be that big of a deal, I would just catch up on some extra sleep instead of staying watching non-sense. The first 30 minutes was interesting, i was just doodling the boredom set in. I found myself looking around my room feeling disconnected from anything that existed outside my room. It was frustrating because out of habit I would be watching Netflix and on my phone around bed time but I had to resist. Since I didn’t have much to do I fell asleep hours before I usually do. I had some good uninterrupted sleep. I believe living without electricity is more organic with nature because it brings you back to your routes where you realize how things used to be and how we take our simple way of living for granted. I think people must have been fine without electricity because they never experienced living that simple as opposed to someone like me that would freak out since electricity is what I was raised on. In my future I hope to be less connected and less reliant on electricity and be more harmonious with nature. Living around cellphones and cars and electricity creates a lot of “noise” in our heads and it is distracting in the process of trying to find ones self.


Week 12 artist conversation

Artist: Alice Andreini

Website: Andreiniart.com

Exhibition: No-Man’s Land

Gallery: Max L. gator Gallery

Alice is graduate student at Cal state Long Beach in the drawing and painting department. She started on her own about 6 years ago but not up until 3 years ago did she began going to school to practice and learn her art. She plans to continue painting after she graduates and for the rest of her life. She enjoys poetry and reading.

Her work is very interesting, her landscapes are interpreted in such a unique and different way. The pieces she creates have a randomness too them but it almost in a perfect way. The paint is layered and it makes the art pop out already more than it has on its own.
I really enjoyed Adreini’s work, I enjoyed how she plays with the theme of nature and creates her own colorful interpretations of it. I especially enjoyed how she played with colors and shapes in her work, and although all her painting are different they all followed the same theme, you could tell they were created by the same talented artist.

Artist Conversation

Artist: Soroush T. Moghim

Exhibition: Geometry of grief

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @soroushmoghim

This weeks Artist talk i did mine on Soroush Moghim, he is fourth year student at Long Beach majoring in sculpture. He is originally from Iran and works at a rug store where he gets some of his inspartion for his pieces. I really enjoyed his crystal violin piece, the background had all these nice colors with a sort of kaleidoscope effect with the crystal clear violin hanging and rotating slowly in front. There was also very mellow music playing which gave me a very warm and peaceful sensation but ironically enough was called the Geometry of Grief. This peace was inspired by the recent passing of his mother and he said that the shadow casted by the violin was representative of the empty feeling left by the passing of his mother. This was a very beautiful and emotional piece.