Week 14 Activity

This weeks activity in the Garden was my favorite by far, it didn’t even feel like I was in class. The Garden was a really peaceful and beautiful place and I got to hang out with some new and familiar classmates and we had a good time. For the first 10 ’30 second sketches’ i split my paper into 5 quadrants and I try’d to spend 30 seconds on each quadrant and hopefully by the end of the 5th one it would somewhat resemble the Garden. I enjoyed how I didn’t have to worry about erasing so I was going from line to line without hesitation which gave me a feeling of freedom without having to worry about preciseness or accuracy. For the 5 minutes abstract pieces I first wanted to focus in on the bridge since I thought it was one of the most visually pleasing things in the Garden. I drew the bridge but I change the background to some mountain summits si se I thought it would give it a good twist. For the second Abstract drawing I drew one of the many pretty trees in the Garden but instead of leaves I drew many little eyeballs making it an eye ball tree, I always enjoyed drawing weird stuff like my interpretation of the tree so I had fun with this. My least favorite drawing was the 5 minute contour drawing of my hand, as I was doing it I didn’t like that I couldn’t see what I was drawing, and I knew it wouldn’t come out looking good, I’m all for abstract and imperfect drawing but this one came out looking like poo. Over all it was a fun class session, the freedom, beauty, and even the weather was all great.



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