Week 12 Ethnography Art Activity

For this ethnography art experience I expected it to not be that big of a deal, I would just catch up on some extra sleep instead of staying watching non-sense. The first 30 minutes was interesting, i was just doodling the boredom set in. I found myself looking around my room feeling disconnected from anything that existed outside my room. It was frustrating because out of habit I would be watching Netflix and on my phone around bed time but I had to resist. Since I didn’t have much to do I fell asleep hours before I usually do. I had some good uninterrupted sleep. I believe living without electricity is more organic with nature because it brings you back to your routes where you realize how things used to be and how we take our simple way of living for granted. I think people must have been fine without electricity because they never experienced living that simple as opposed to someone like me that would freak out since electricity is what I was raised on. In my future I hope to be less connected and less reliant on electricity and be more harmonious with nature. Living around cellphones and cars and electricity creates a lot of “noise” in our heads and it is distracting in the process of trying to find ones self.



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