Week 12 artist conversation

Artist: Alice Andreini

Website: Andreiniart.com

Exhibition: No-Man’s Land

Gallery: Max L. gator Gallery

Alice is graduate student at Cal state Long Beach in the drawing and painting department. She started on her own about 6 years ago but not up until 3 years ago did she began going to school to practice and learn her art. She plans to continue painting after she graduates and for the rest of her life. She enjoys poetry and reading.

Her work is very interesting, her landscapes are interpreted in such a unique and different way. The pieces she creates have a randomness too them but it almost in a perfect way. The paint is layered and it makes the art pop out already more than it has on its own.
I really enjoyed Adreini’s work, I enjoyed how she plays with the theme of nature and creates her own colorful interpretations of it. I especially enjoyed how she played with colors and shapes in her work, and although all her painting are different they all followed the same theme, you could tell they were created by the same talented artist.

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