Week 5: conversations with an artist

Artist: Molly Ramage

Exhibition: Sleep Sweat

Media: Drawing and Paint, Mixed Media, Paper Maché

Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery

Instagram: @jetbootsjetpack

Molly is a 24 year old art student at CSU Long Beach who aims to graduate with a degree in print making. Molly’s gallery played on the theme of dreams and nightmares, some of art includes very dark images I had interpreted as nightmares.

I really enjoyed the ruggedness of the art, with the torn paper, dark colors, and scary images it really felt as if I was starring into a nightmare. Aldo at the center of her gallery was a paper mache piece that had a little girl asleep in her bed while there was monsters under her bed, I found it really interesting how this little girl seemed to be in some of the paintings of the dreams and nightmares.

The multiple types of dreams and nightmares depicted in the gallery made me think about how this girl I a way travels to different realms and worlds in her sleep. I really enjoyed this gallery for the same reasons I enjoy other scary things. It was great!





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