Week 2: Landscape with a corpse

This last year i went to Coachella music and arts festival, it was my 4th time going so i considered myself a pro cochella-goer. It was Sunday and the last day of the festival so i felt like going a bit harder than the first two days. So i packed up some party favors to sneak into the festival and got in. Odesza was going to play in about an hour and a half so  i attempted to time my peak perfectly so i took my 2 ecstasy pills so they would hit me during the performance. The time had come and Odesza was going on in 15 and the pills had not kicked in and i began getting impatient so i took 3 more pills. Odesza started and i began feeling the party favors and i felt amazing, towards the end of the performance i began feeling nauseous and left to the port-a potties. In the port-a pottie my body began stiffening up and i started throwing up profusely, i felt my self dying and the only thing i could think about was how pissed my mom was going to be to find out i died the way i did, i knew to expect an ass whooping even if i was dead. I took my last breath and died.




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