Artist Conversation

Artist: Soroush T. Moghim

Exhibition: Geometry of grief

Gallery: Max L. Gatov Gallery East

Instagram: @soroushmoghim

This weeks Artist talk i did mine on Soroush Moghim, he is fourth year student at Long Beach majoring in sculpture. He is originally from Iran and works at a rug store where he gets some of his inspartion for his pieces. I really enjoyed his crystal violin piece, the background had all these nice colors with a sort of kaleidoscope effect with the crystal clear violin hanging and rotating slowly in front. There was also very mellow music playing which gave me a very warm and peaceful sensation but ironically enough was called the Geometry of Grief. This peace was inspired by the recent passing of his mother and he said that the shadow casted by the violin was representative of the empty feeling left by the passing of his mother. This was a very beautiful and emotional piece.





Classmate conversation

For this weeks classmate conversation i got to hang out with Sergio and Nestor. Nestor is from cypress and majoring in biology. As for Sergio he is a computer engineering major in his fourth year at CSULB. We checked out the different galleries and we all really liked the glass violin piece. These guys are jokesters so we had a good time hanging out.


Week 10 USU wedge

For this weeks assignment we were asked to redesign the dreaded wedge by the USU. During orientation i thought it was a bit funny how they told me I would be walking through that wedge all the years i would be at LBS. I disregarded it when I was told because I thought maybe once or twice I will but it turns out I walk through there almost every school day. It’s wild to think about the thousands of LB students that have walked through that wedge one person at a time.

My redesign has it so that the big black marble wall is removed and replaced by a less obstructive pillar, and I would also definitely remove both the benches there. There are plenty of places to sit already in that area so I believe that makes a better walkway as opposed to somewhere to sit.IMG_0083.JPG

Week 10 Artist conversation

Artist: Amy Duran

Instagram: polkadot.pony
 For this weeks conversation with an Artist I did mine on Amy Duran, a Senior at Csulb focusing on ceramics. She works as a cake decorator but one day hopes to work making props for movies. The gallery was of ceramic doll ( which was representative of Amy) and the different stages of the life of the little doll. I Interpreted it as the different stages in Amy’s life. The pieces reminded me of a fairy tale world, and the music she played really helped with that effect. I really enjoyed this Gallery, it was great.IMG_0070.JPGIMG_0069.JPG

Finger Painting Activity

This finger painting experience was interesting. I originally thought I had tried all basic art mediums but I realized it was my first time ever finger painting. It was fun and easy knowing I don’t really have a goal here, I would just use my fingers to do whatever they wanted to do and accept any consequences. I wanted to add some perfect lines to this imperfect piece so I utilized some painters blue tape to create stripes and add order to this disorder. It was a relaxing experience, I put some Jimi Hendrix on and let my fingers go. It was definitely a nice experience but I think I enjoy perfect lines and recognizable shapes and figures more, and those concepts are much more difficult to achieve when you’re using fingers.

Classmate Conversations week 7

Student: Jared
This week I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to Jared. He said that he is from San Jose but came here to receive his degree in Mechanical engineering. He said he chose this major because of his love to take things apart to see how the work. Since we had a study abroad presentation today we spoke about where we would go if we were to go abroad and he said he would be interested in going to Italy because of the food and culture, he also mentioned how a buddy of his had gone there and made it sound fun. For work he said he tutors athletes. Jared seems like an all around mellow dude and someone that I definitely enjoyed meeting.FullSizeRender.jpg

Artist convo week 7


Artist: Elena Roznovan
Gallery: Max l. Gatov gallery
Insta: eroznovam
                Elena is a 2nd year sculpting major. She creates instalations and videos that challenge the viewers perceptions. She likes to incorporate the phenomena of time and space and environment.
               When I spoke to her about her piece in Long Beach’s Max I. Gatov gallery she said she wanted to show change between time and light and it’s relationship in space, she also put screens up so you can get a different perspective of the environment so you would get a whole different view of things.
               She said she was partly inspired to do this show because she doesn’t have time to actually make it to the real environment so she went ahead and created her own.